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Do you want to secure the future of your business in South Africa?

It is well known that in South Africa today, the Broad Based Black Economic Empowerment (BBBEE or BEE) rating of a company is a deciding factor in procuring corporate and government contracts and orders.

We present you with a unique opportunity that will assist your business in achieving maximum points on the new BEE Scorecard - which is vital to conducting effective and profitable business in South Africa- by becoming involved in the Isandla Usizo Black Economic Empowerment Initiative.

An overview of the new Scorecard for Broad Based Black Economic Empowerment (BBBEE) for qualifying enterprises.

An enterprise will be evaluated as falling into one of the following BEE Statuses based on the overall performance in terms of the Qualifying Small Enterprises Scorecard:

The BEE Status will be determined through the points qualification as specified in the centre column.

After a BEE audit has taken place, the status attained will determine the BEE procurement recognition level that the enterprise has obtained. This recognition level is used for the measurement of the preferential procurement Element discussed in Code 1500 of the new scorecard.


Application of the qualifying enterprises scorecard

A Qualifying Small Enterprise may elect to be measured using any four of the seven elements of BEE, detailed below:

Should there be no employees in the employ of the measured enterprise, the enterprise cannot include the employment equity elements as one of the elected elements. Each indicator has a value of 25 percent, resulting in a maximum total of 175 BEE points. A qualifying small enterprise needs only to utilise four of the indicators in its goal of BEE compliance, and will be measured accordingly.

Earning points made easy

Qualifying Small Enterprises are entitled to receive points on the CSI Residual Scorecard based upon residual contributions made by them. Your business can obtain an easy 25 points,  if you sponsor only 0.125% of your total net income after tax as a Corporate Social Investments to a CSI organization.

The Isandla Usizo BEE Initiative focuses on teaching business principles to previously disadvantaged children on a primary school level. The program has the unique feature of using music and arts to drive home simple but important life- and business principles.

By focusing on primary school children, the effectiveness of the program is greatly increased, as it has been proven that children on a primary school level are more susceptible to life-changing ideas and the modeling of principles.

If you choose to support the Isandla Usizo BEE Initiative that qualifies as a Coroprate Social Investment programme, you immediately secure  your business full marks (25 points) on the Residual Indicator of the BEE score card. It is clear that this is a non-disruptive method of achieving a substantially higher rating, and in concert with your enterprises other BEE measures already in place, it can truly assist you in securing the future of your business in South Africa.


In lieu of the above, and the new Broad Based BEE Score Card for Businesses as a reference, it is our belief that this programme can make a substantial contribution to the social and economic growth of local communities in South-Africa, and strengthen the economic base of the country in the short and long term. At the same time, it provides an opportunity for business enterprises to support the economic development of the country, and help themselves by staying competitive and involved in the development of South Africa.

The goal of empowering people to be economically active and effective can only be achieved if the potential of our nation’s children is realized, and if all parties are willing to invest resources in them today. The Isandla Usizo BEE Initiative strives to promote in them a positive attitude and creative new ways of thinking, which will flow through into the social and economic sphere of society.

We stress again that this unique opportunity for your business can and will benefit not only yourself through advancing your position on the BEE scorecard, but also the betterment of South Africa’s children and the country as a whole.

We therefore ask that you sincerely consider getting involved in the programme and invite you to contact us with any questions that you might have. We await your positive response. tel: 0839636679

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